Trending September 2023 # 25 Best Free Podcast Hosting Sites &Amp; Platforms # Suggested October 2023 # Top 10 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # 25 Best Free Podcast Hosting Sites &Amp; Platforms # Suggested October 2023 # Top 10 Popular

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Best Podcast Hosting Sites & Platforms: Free & Paid

Blubrry provides all the tools to set up your podcast and share your ideas to target listeners. They offer best podcast episodes from its expert in-house podcast team. It also allows customizing embeddable podcast players on your site pages or social media feed.


Offers free WordPress site on all plans.

It helps you publish your podcasts and distribute their episodes from your WordPress site using the PowerPress plugin.

This is one of the best podcast hosting sites that monetize your Podcast.

You will get email and phone support for all your podcast questions.

Plans: Four pricing plans $12 (Small), $20 (Medium), $40 (Large), $80 (Extra- large).


It helps you to create as many podcasts as you want on the same account at no extra charge.

Allows you to set up the podcast player on your site so visitors can play it.

Allows you to collaborate with your podcast.

You can import your Podcast to a different hosting platform.

Plans: Three pricing plans $9 (Starter), $49 (Professional), $99 (Business).

Their plans come with a mobile-friendly, customizable website that includes built-in donation support and call to action.


Smart UI features

Mobile-friendly website

This audio hosting site is easy to set up

Built-in calls to action

Automated podcast website

Pricing: Three pricing plans $44 (Audio Influencer), $17 (Podcaster), Podcast Brand ($90).

Castos is a full-featured plugin for WordPress sites. This podcasting plugin easy to build, grow, and monetize your show. It is one of the best podcasting sites that can easily integrate with WordPress.


Managed within WordPress

Automated transcripts

Unlimited podcasts/episodes

Integrates seamlessly with WordPress

An intuitive, simple plugin

Offers unlimited audio storage and bandwidth

Customizable media player

Plans: Three pricing plans Starter ($190), Growth ($490), Pro ($990) per year.

Simplecast is a leading podcast management and analytics platform. They podcast host some world’s largest brands, such as Facebook, Kickstarter, Nike, etc. This podcast hosting platform helps you to publish and distribute podcasts and also analyze how they are consumed.


Easy-to-use interface

It offers great audio quality

Communicates well with servers

Customization options

This is one of the best podcast hosting platforms that offer unique social sharing functionalities

Advanced analytics tools

Recast podcast sharing tool

Audience and web player insights

Plans: Three basic plans% 15 (Basic), $35 (Essential), Growth ($85).

PodBean is a popular podcast hosting platform and monetization site that makes podcast hosting simple through its user-friendly interface. The service integrates podcast publishing, management, and detailed analytics into a single easy-to-use package.


Offers user-friendly interface.

24/7 customer support.

This is one of the best places to upload podcasts allows you to do metric comparisons across platforms and episodes.

Hosting distributes your Podcast to all destinations.

It helps you to publish audio and video podcasts.

It helps you to track how your Podcast is doing and get insights into your audience.

Plans: Three pricing plans $9 (Unlimited Audio), $29 (Unlimited Plus), $99 (Business)

Resonate Recording is a single platform to get professional editing and production, which helps you to seamlessly host your show. It also offers you a customized website, a great-looking embed player that helps track how people are listening, detailed analytics, and more.


You can upload edited and pre-produced podcast files to your hosting and publish them.

It allows you to create a microsite or simple landing page to engage with your Podcast better.

It helps you to track the growth of your Podcast by analyzing its statistics.

Plans: Three pricing plans $25 (Basic), $49 (Premium), Professional (ask).

8) Sounder

Sounder Plus is a podcast hosting site that automatically distributes your content to major podcast listening platforms. It allows you to manage your content together in one secure workspace.


Offers inbuilt Sounder Audio Player

Allows In-Stream Audio Search

You can highlight and share your best content

Offers analytics and measurement tools

Sounder provides automatic transcriptions

Plans: Free

9) Spreaker

Spreaker boasts everything you need to create, distribute, and monetize your Podcast. This easy-to-use podcast hosting site includes its Spreaker Studio tool for both mobile and desktop devices.


Distributes to major streaming portals

Easy to navigate

This free podcast hosting site offers excellent audio clarity

Apps for both desktop and mobile

Ad revenue sharing for monetization

Private episode sharing

Auto publishing.

Plans: Four pricing plans $6 (Broadcaster), $18 (On-Air Talent), $45 (Anchorman).

10) BuzzSprout

Buzzsprout is another popular podcast hosting site. It is one of the best podcasting platforms which help you to host, promote and track your podcast and scale your business. This hosting provider offers a free plan that lets you upload two hours each month. They offer an analytics dashboard with easy-to-understand engagement metrics and download metrics.


Easy upload and hosting

Quick customer service

Intuitive dashboard

Advanced podcast statistics to track your progress

Automatic episode optimization

Easily create and publish episodes

Make your Podcast more accessible with transcriptions

Podcast states that are easy to understand

Free to get started

Social media sharing features

Plans: Three pricing plans starting at $12, $18 and $24 per month.

11) SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a widely used podcasting website used by singers, musicians, and DJs, where they upload their music for free. This podcast hosting allows podcasters to upload their episodes, making it a directory and a podcast host.


Support through Twitter and SoundCloud help center

This free podcast hosting tool offers unlimited hosting time

It helps you to make money from the content, as it is the best place to upload your podcast using Repost.

Offers audio files to match the quality of their content.

You will exclusively get partner offers for sample tracks and DAWs.

Offers free educational resources to make better sounding podcasts.

Plans: Free

12) OmnyStudio

OmnyStudio is an audio management solution for podcasters and radio stations to create enterprise podcasting. This hosting site helps you to migrate your Podcast or start a new show in just minutes.


It offers the functionality you need to go from on-air to online in seconds.

Unlimited episode hosting, publishing, editing, and audio processing.

Podcasting with Apple Podcasts compliant RSS feeds.

Allows you to capture and store every talk-break securely and conveniently in the cloud.

Reach your audience anywhere on any device.

It helps you to generate revenue from a range of podcast monetization solutions.

Class-leading download and subscriber analytics

Plans: Only one pricing plan $29 per month.

13) PodOmatic

PodOmatic allows people to sign up for free and enjoy generous limits for growing their audience. In this podcast hosting site, you can connect your Patreon account to build an audience willing to pay for your content.


Upload and store up to six hours of audio content for free.

Allow listeners to enjoy up to 15 GB bandwidth a month.

This is one of the best podcast websites that allows you to play your Podcast on Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Plans: Three pricing plans $2.49 (Pro), $18 (Pro Plus), $45 (Pro Platinum).

14) Podigee

Podigee Podcast is a highly modern, powerful, and customizable podcast player for websites. It allows you to optimize your audio content for the different podcast platforms.


Content is always accessible and reaches your listeners at all times.

Easily comply with local data privacy regulations, like the GDPR.

Easy integration on your website or CMS.

Analytics provide realistic download data

Podcasts are automatically validated and are compatible with all podcast platforms.

Plans: Two plans Basic ($13), Advanced ($29)

15) Libsyn

Libsyn is one of the oldest and reputed Podcast hosting sites. It is one of the best podcast hosting sites known for its simple user interface, easy RSS link generation, and customizable iTunes information. This podcast hosting site is a pioneer in creating the hosting system and publishing podcasts with listeners’ ever-growing network.


Customized apps

Podcast monetization options

Timely support provided to the customer

Provide deep audience analytics

Plans: Four pricing plans $5 (Classic 50), $15 (Classic 250), $20 (Advanced 400), $40 (Advanced 800)

16) Audioboom


Excellent technical support

Allows embeddable players for the website or social media integration.

It helps you to monetize your website once your audience base starts growing easily.

Pricing: Free

17) Fireside


Customizable website

Download stats & analytics

You can use your domain to create a seamless experience for your listeners

This is one of the best podcast hosting platforms that offer lightning-fast file hosting

Pricing: Three pricing plans $9, $19, and $49.

18) Acast

Acast provides a wide range of benefits, including integrations with tools like IBM Watson. This site automatically creates free transcriptions of your episodes. They also offer the Snipper tool, which helps you to create videos with ease.

This free podcast website provides a free plan, making it an ideal choice if you are not sure how long this podcasting experiment will last.


Offers a powerful tool for podcast creators.

This audio hosting site offers unlimited hosting and distribution.

Offers powerful Ad tools to monetize your podcast show.

Plans: Two pricing plans $14.99/month (Influencer), $29.99/month (Ace)

19) Anchor

Anchor is another well-known free podcast platform. This podcast hosting tool mostly focuses on mobile podcasting. However, you can also use their web interface to edit and manage your episodes. You can also monetize your Podcast through the Anchor sponsorship program.


This podcast provided company offers free unlimited podcast hosting

Allows you to edit your audio files, and it is constantly updated with new features.

It offers multiple collaborators.

It helps you to analytics to track progress.

Pricing: Free


This podcast website hosting includes guest profiles to give listeners more information and quick access to guest’s social media profiles.


No upload or download limits

Provide support for keeping track of and linking people to episodes.

Host and guest profiles can be included on the website and player.

This podcast hosting site offers multiple podcasts under the one account

Google analytics integration

Podcast rating and review monitoring

Pricing: Plans Three pricing plans: $12, $35, $89.

21) Megaphone

Megaphone is another enterprise-centric podcast hosting site on this list. It is an ideal selection for you if you want to monetize your podcast. Megaphone has the framework and team dedicated for getting your podcast platform to start making money once you find the right audience.


Helps you to monetize your content through the dynamic insertion

Scale reliably without any downtime or outages

Access world-class support through their customer experience team

Explore publisher tools

Reach your target audience

You can provide high-quality content from some of the biggest podcast creators

Plans: You need to contact them for the plan as it is not mentioned on their website.

22) RedCircle

RedCricle is a podcast web hosting website that allows you to leverage the same technology and strategies as the world’s largest publishers to build and monetize your Podcast.


Earn more money through your podcasts

Offers actionable strategies to maximize your own Podcast’s revenue.

RedCircle makes sure you get paid within days

Your content is always yours to control

Pricing: Free

23) Backtracks


Verified and standardized podcast analytics, which works on any podcast.

Backtrack’s Searchable Index.

On-brand customizable audio player

Constantly updated rankings and features

Better data allow for better monetization.

Pricing: Free

How to Start a Podcast?

Staring with a Podcast is not very tough. Here are some steps you need to follow to create a podcast:

Step 1) Start with preparation work. In this stage, you need to add the title, topic, and prepare the artwork.

Step 2) Record the episode/audio file. Here, you need to remember that each episode of the podcast will be a separate audio file.

Step 3) Upload the file to the podcast hosting and get an RSS feed.

Step 4) Submit an RSS feed to podcast directories.


Podcast is a collection of audio files on a specific topic that can be listened to and downloaded to a computer or mobile device. Podcast hosting is a unique service which allows you to store and deliver media files associated with a podcast.

Here are some of the Best Podcasting Hosting Sites:









You should upload your podcasts on all popular and good podcast hosting platforms. However, it may take some time and effort to set up your RSS feed to the accounts on each platform. But, it worth spending time and effort as you will be able to reach thousands of loyal fans from each platform which may not be possible with a single platform.

You can select your podcast host based on their pricing plans. You should focus on their features and how they will benefit your podcast long term.

All these podcast hosting services have a unique feature, but you need to determine your requirements and long-term goals.

You need to use various types of high-quality equipment to record podcasts. This includes microphones, audio interfaces, windscreen, closed-back headphones, mixers, and more.

Here are some important tips for launching a successful podcast.

You need to select the theme of your podcast that will play a huge role in determining its success.

You should know your target audience and what their preferences are.

Monetizing your podcast always has to come second since you cannot do that without high-quality content.

Need to commit to a post schedule, format, episode length, audio levels, and other details.

You need to structure your podcast in a way that provides maximum information for a relatively short period.

You should track your podcast progress, set goals, create a strategy, and then adapt as you go.

The initial investment is small as compared to the prospective profits from podcasting.

A podcast directory is a podcast listening app (e.g., Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher) where your audience can find your podcast, download, listen, subscribe, rate, and review the podcasts. Some popular podcast directories are iTune, Google Play, TuneIn, Stitcher, and Spotify.

Distributing your podcast is difficult than creating it. Some of the best distribution methods are to submit your podcast to popular podcast directories or other podcast platforms like Apple or Soundcloud.

These podcast distribution services also help you to convert your podcasts to YouTube videos, blog posts, or Facebook videos.

Best Podcast Hosting Sites & Platforms: Free & Paid

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