Trending September 2023 # 5 Best Free Vpn For Firefox (2023) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 9 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # 5 Best Free Vpn For Firefox (2023) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 9 Popular

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A paid VPN (virtual private network) service can help you to browse the web anonymously, keeping your browsing confidential and safe from prying eyes. You can also use it to access blocked websites and to stream content from overseas. Yet, even the best VPN services can have problems. Some are slow, some crash often, and others don’t work—whether due to issues with their servers or interference from your ISP.

So, we’ve created this guide to help you decide on the best free VPN for Firefox so that you can enjoy fast and secure web browsing.

Our Best Free VPN Recommendation

The Top 5 Free VPNs for Firefox

Expert Advice:

“If you want to protect all the devices in your home or office, consider setting up a VPN on a router. This way, you can protect all the devices connected to your network through your VPN. However, it’s important to note that this may not work with some routers and VPN services.”

1) ExpressVPN – Best Overall

ExpressVPN offers over 500 servers in 94 countries so you can connect anywhere. As they’re not limited to a specific location, you’ll have plenty of options for getting around geo-restrictions on streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu. It might be useful if you’re a frequent traveler who misses your favorite TV shows and live sporting events.

Moreover, their VPN network is blazing fast. On some servers, you can get up to 400 or 500 Mbps! That’s more than enough bandwidth for HD streaming and gaming.

They offer a kill switch called Network Lock that protects your data from leaking if your connection fails or if you change networks quickly (like when switching from home Wi-Fi to cellular). ExpressVPN constantly directs users toward safer versions of any website they visit. So, if there’s a phishing attempt or malware embedded in a page somewhere, you won’t be at risk for downloading it onto your device!

Key Specs:

Best For: Streaming content from other countries without interruption Server Countries: 94 Server selection: Manual Split Tunneling: Yes

Data Allowance: Unlimited Torrenting: Yes Kill Switch: Yes

iOS, Android, Linux, MacOS, Microsoft Windows

No-logging policy: Yes Ip addresses: Dynamic Simultaneous Connection: 5

YouTube TV, Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Hulu

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WebRTC blocking


Limited to 5 devices per account

A clean, simple interface:

ExpressVPN is a user-friendly virtual private network with an intuitive and straightforward interface.

It has a “power button” in the middle of the screen that shows whether you’re connected, and there’s a drop-down menu where you can easily choose your preferred location.

Multilingual capabilities:

The company offers its services in 16 different languages. As a result, you’ll be able to browse, or watch shows in your native language without worrying about being monitored by your ISP or government!

How to Get Free ExpressVPN for Firefox?

30-Day Free Trial

2) NordVPN – Best for Its Speed

NordVPN also has a strict no-logs policy that doesn’t track or collect private data. Hence, your web browser history and internet activity will remain private even if someone else gains access to your account.

NordVPN has WebRTC leak blocking, so your IP address is always hidden from hackers. Furthermore, their private DNS feature ensures your queries are always private and never exposed to third parties.

Key Specs:

Linux, Windows, MacOS, iOS

No of Servers: 5000+ Server Countries: 59 Split Tunneling: Yes

Data Allowance: Unlimited Torrenting: Yes Kill Switch: Yes

YouTube TV, Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Hulu

No-logging policy: Yes Ip addresses: Static Simultaneous Connection: 6

Best for: Connecting double VPN, Onion over VPN servers, P2P.

Free Trial: Yes – 30 days Today Best Deal’s: Check Now!


Kill Switch


Not the best at getting through to Netflix

Dedicated IP:

NordVPN offers you a dedicated IP address, which means you get your own private IP address that you don’t have to share with others. It helps you to prevent your VPN from being blacklisted and ensures you have the highest level of security.

Split tunneling support:

A unique feature of NordVPN is split tunneling support. You can choose which apps will use your regular network connection and which will use your VPN’s secure tunnel.

For example, if you want to play games online securely but don’t want other apps connecting to the internet through your VPN.

How to Get NordVPN Free for Firefox?

NordVPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you continue using their VPN service. So, if you’re unsatisfied with the service, you can receive all your money back.

30-Day Free Trial

3) Surfshark VPN – Best for Extra Security

Surfshark is an ideal option If you’re looking for a Mozilla VPN that offers the best security and privacy. It’s independently audited, so you know it’s committed to keeping your data safe and secure.

The VPN protocols are constantly improving, so you can get the most out of your device with this service. It has over 3,200 servers in 100+ countries to give you access to your favorite channels and websites anywhere in the world.

Bypasser feature in Surfshark allows certain apps and programs to go through without being affected by the VPN. It is also useful if you want to use apps that don’t work well with a VPN but need an internet connection to function properly.

Last, the Camouflage mode makes it almost impossible for your network provider to detect that you’re using a VPN service. It is also helpful if you want more privacy when browsing specific sites or apps.

Key Specs:

Mac, Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android

No of Servers: 3200+ Server Countries: 65 Split Tunneling: Yes

Data Allowance: Unlimited Torrenting: Yes Kill Switch: Yes

YouTube TV, Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Hulu

No-logging policy: Yes Ip addresses: Static Simultaneous Connection: Unlimited

Best for: Gaming, Browsing, and Streaming.

Free Trial: Yes – 30 days Today Best Deal’s: Check Now!


Static IPs


The servers are a bit slow

Unlimited devices:

Surfshark VPN offers unlimited installation and use on as many devices as you want, so you’re not limited to a certain number of devices per account.

Provides safe browsing:

So, it is important as many people use their mobile devices to browse the web and mobile users are more vulnerable to phishing attacks than people using laptops or desktops.

How to Get Surfshark Free VPN for Firefox?

30-Day Free Trial

4) Private Internet Access VPN – Best Value

Around 35,000 servers are available to choose from, so no matter where you are, there’s always a server nearby. You can even use Private Internet Access VPN on up to 10 connections simultaneously!

Key Specs:

iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows. Total number of servers: 10,000+ Countries: 84+ countries

Data Allowance: Unlimited Bandwidth No-logging policy: Yes

Free Trial: No- 30 days money-back guarantee Simultaneous connections: 10+ Maximum supported devices: Unlimited

Split Tunneling: Yes Kill Switch: Yes Today Best Deal’s: Check Now!


Supports split-tunneling


App design needs improvement

Open-source software:

PrivateInternetAccess VPN is open-source software that uses the OpenVPN protocol, meaning anyone can view the code and make modifications. This allows people to look at the code and makes it more challenging to introduce vulnerabilities into the system because many people will spot them.

Fingerprint Protection:

While most VPNs offer simple encryption, PrivateInternetAccess VPN goes one step further. It offers fingerprint protection, which rearranges your device’s fingerprint to stop websites from tracking its configuration.

How to Get PrivateInternetAccess Vpn for Firefox?

You’ll see a list of available servers to choose from. Pick one that works best for you and try their VPN risk-free for 30 days. If you’re not satisfied, you can quickly get your money back.

30 days money-back guarantee

5) Planet Free VPN – Best VPN for Online Gaming

Planet Free VPN provides high-quality, fast, and secures VPN services to help you protect your online identity. With 1260+ servers in 60 countries, Planet Free VPN provides many options for you to connect. In addition, they’re dedicated to delivering reliable encryption methods and round-the-clock support.

It is one of the best VPN that offers various protocols, such as OpenVPN and IKEv2. It allows users flexibility when choosing which way will work best for them. Using these protocols also means the VPN can provide high encryption and security.

Planet Free VPN offers DNS-leak and IP-leak protection so that users can rest assured knowing their information is safe from prying eyes. They also offer Kill Switch technology, ensuring that data cannot be transmitted while a connection is down.


Can be used with ten devices simultaneously


No ad blocker

Special gaming servers:

Planet Free VPN is ideal for gamers who want to stay safe while playing online. It has several special gaming servers optimized for low ping times and security, so you can be sure your data will be secure.

Double VPN and Onion-over-VPN:

Planet Free VPN offers double VPN and onion-over-VPN. Double VPN is a technique that encrypts your traffic twice, with two other servers, so it’s almost impossible to decrypt the data even if one of the servers is compromised.

Onion-over-VPN is a technique that wraps your traffic in an anonymous layer before sending it through the public internet.

How to Get Planet Free VPN for Firefox?

Visit Planet Free VPN

Free Download


Unfortunately, Firefox doesn’t come with a built-in VPN. However, you can add a free VPN extension to protect your privacy while browsing.

As you use Firefox, you may occasionally encounter problems using an add-on or a VPN app. Fortunately, you can troubleshoot them if you follow these tips:

Open the add-on or VPN app and attempt to turn it on

You can restart your device to see if that fixes the problem

Visit the VPN provider’s website to check for updates

Try deleting the add-on and then reinstalling it again

A VPN browser extension works only on your browser, meaning that only traffic from your browser will go through a secure VPN tunnel.

A VPN app, on the other hand, works system-wide by rerouting all of your Internet traffic through a VPN connection.

So, choose an app over a browser extension, if you want to use a VPN on multiple programs and browsers, not just one at a time.

The Top 5 Free VPNs for Firefox

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