Trending September 2023 # A Complete Guide To Cdn Benefits # Suggested October 2023 # Top 16 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # A Complete Guide To Cdn Benefits # Suggested October 2023 # Top 16 Popular

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Definition of CDN Benefits

Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others

These assets include HTML pages, files like JavaScript, images and videos along with many other elements which the particular website would require for smooth functioning. In today’s world, digital platforms are being served by the competence CDN brings in for the faster delivery of the content. Websites like Facebook, Netflix, Amazon harness the power of CDN for providing better experience to users.

Various Benefits of CDN

From the introduction, simplistically we will assume CDN as group of servers that are connected so that the contents which gets delivered are faster, cheaper, reliable, and secured. These servers in CDN are placed at points of exchange of different network that needs to be connected.

This physical location where the internet service providers (ISP) connect with CSN is known as Internet exchange point (IXP) and are the primary location of any content getting generated. Now the CDNs are connected to the origin server through a high speed and a highly interconnected web, can provide delightful experience with reduction in the transit times and on top of that, at reduced costs. These CDN servers are placed at very strategic locations throughout the globe not only to provide the seamless experience but also providing shield to various failure mode that might occur in the network and pave through the network congestion effectively. Not only the placements, the CDNs itself makes a lot of optimizations with respect to the data transfer at the client or server side. The working of CDNs are more complex.

Given below are the benefits of CDNs in detail:

1. Improving the load time of website (Latency) 2. Making the website always available online

One of the critical KPI for any website working is the uptime to understand the health of the website. Some of the common causes of interrupted uptime can be mapped to failures in the hardware, spikes in network traffic, cyber-attack, or even as small as increase in the popularity of the website.

Using CDN one can easily balance the load so that the network traffic is distributed across the several servers available making it easier to handle millions of concurrent requests. In case of failure, there is a convenient failover which will re-allocate the traffic of the failed server to other servers, so that one server doesn’t get all the load. In major failure like entire data center having technical issues, routing mechanism to transfer the traffic completely to other data center can be also used.

3. Protection of data (Data Security) 4. Reduction of bandwidth costs 5. Enabling a global reach

With CDN servers being set up in every strategic locations, far away from the origin server along with optimizations, makes the world a smaller place and hence enabling a global reach which is quite evident from the exponential increase in the global use of CDN in the last few years.

6. Analytics

With the boom of using Analytics, CDN can be benefitted by analyzing trends, that can be used as troubleshooting or marketing material for the organization that enables CDN.


We, with this article got a glimpse the working of CDN and while understanding the benefits of CDN, we can easily tie it back to the working so that we related of why we say that the benefit is actually a benefit.

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