Trending September 2023 # Apple March 7Th Ipad Event Liveblog # Suggested October 2023 # Top 14 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Apple March 7Th Ipad Event Liveblog # Suggested October 2023 # Top 14 Popular

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2:25: iPad 2 is staying on sale $100 off the 16GB one: $399, $529 for 3Gs – great for schools.

2:20 iPad video.

2:15 Almost 20 minutes of demo time for iPhoto and still scratching surface. Oh, just $4.99. All of iLife now on iPad.

2:05 Editing pictures in iPhoto from a professional DSLR (Nikon). Weird – no support for Google’s Picasa.

2:00 iPhoto for iPad ” Amazing” great way to browse and edit photos. Multi touch editing, Professional Quality Effects, Brushes, photo beaming, Photo journals.

1:56: New stuff for Garage Band – Smart Strings, Note Editor, iCloud sharing – JAM IN REAL TIME OMG

1:55 iWork Apps with jaw dropping graphics – available today at the app store (great – that helps a lot!)

1:53 “more memory and higher screen resolution than an Xbox 360 or PS3.”

1:51: Epic Games is demoing Dungeons: craft the Infinity Blade. looks pretty nuts. Guess that’s why Infinity Blade went on sale this morning.

1:50: Autodesk (guess Apple’s over that whole two decade Autocad boycott). We’ve had 10 million customers in 29 years. More than that in a year on the iPad.

Sketchbook Ink is new lineart app (watch out Illustrator!) export images greater than 100 megapixels.

1:45 Namco is demoing a Retina Jet fighter app

1:42: Preoders start today and delivered on March 16th in US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia.

1:40 Still has 10 hour battery on Wifi and 9 hours of 4G. Starts at $499. Same prices across the board.

Personal Hotspot too.

1:30 Voice dictation Siri-ous.

1:29: 5 megapixel camera, 1080P recording. Crazy Apple optics. This will ruin just about every public event in the future.

1:28 Supposedly 4X performance of the just release NVIDIA Quad Core Tegra 3. I suppose there will be some discussion on this front.

1:27: A5X Quad core graphics. Dual core processor. Everyone was right. Or everyone was wrong!

1:26 “we’re allowed to call 264 pixels per inch Retina (a term we made up btw) because you hold it further from your face. Also AppleTV is Retina too.”

1:23 Schiller time! “Retina display” “Stunning” 2048 x 1536 pixels! (iPhone 4 stuff on repeat. Text, graphics – when can I have one?!) 1 million more pixels than 1080P TVs.

1:21: The new “iPad” That’s it. No suffix!

1:20 200K iPAd apps. Talking smack about the competition. Yelp, Twitter look bad on Android.

Taking a bit of a break here to gloat that we called the whole AppleTV 1080P thing. For those who waited to buy an AppleTV, you are welcome 😀 Those that didn’t the 720P ones make great hockey pucks-fyi

1:17 Movie UI also has genius. (hopefully you can turn it off!)

1:15 New user interface looks a lot like Netflix a bit..

1:12 AppleTV 1080P. You don’t say. 9to5mac readers, take your jaw off the ground. iTunes Match support.

1:10: iCloud: zooming past 100 million customers already. Now supports movies

1:08: Siri is now in Japananese (whoops Siri already told us that!) and in Australia Germany, etc.

1:07: 315 million iOS devices and 62 million just last quarter

1:05: Retail Stores (362 total right now – one for every day of the year -road trip?!), Grand Central. Newest Largest Store in Amsterdam.

Looks like Tim is actually there!

1:00 Tim Cook enters the stage…”Apple is leading the Post-PC revolution…Cloud+iPad, iPhone+ iPod” – 172 million “post-PC” devices were sold last year – 76% of Apple’s revenues.

12:55 Reporting from NYC…

12:50: Spoiler alert: Here is everything new that will get announced today (thanks Mr. X!)




12:45: People are seated listening to music.

12:41: 20 minutes to go. Looks like the Daily’s Peter HA got on the wrong bus:

(the short one? – sorry!)

We’ll be posting news as it happens today.  We’re expecting a faster Retina Display iPad with improved cameras as well as an updated AppleTV and maybe a few surprises, particularly in the area of software.  Bookmark this page and come back often for updated info.

Some news: We’ve just got the name of the B82 part: Updated Apple Digital AV Adapter (this).  Boo.  Was hoping for Bluetooth audio remote.

Interestingly, Barack Obama will be speaking about American Energy today in North Carolina – probably not too far from Apple’s solar farm in Maiden.

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