Trending September 2023 # Become A Pro Mac User With These 10 Tricks # Suggested October 2023 # Top 14 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Become A Pro Mac User With These 10 Tricks # Suggested October 2023 # Top 14 Popular

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Become A Pro Mac User With These 10 Tricks We bet most of you don’t know what all your Mac is capable of!

Here in this guide, we will explain how to take screenshots on Mac, change the file format of screenshot, you can do all these things.

These Mac tips and tricks will not only increase productivity but will also save you precious time.

1. How to take a screenshot on Mac

Here, you will see different options to take a screenshot of active windows, entire screen, or a custom section of the screen.

To take a screenshot of a selected window on Mac press Shift+ Command (⌘) +4. This will change the pointer to a crosshair, select the area that you wish to capture. Press spacebar to change how selection moves while you drag it. When done release the spacebar.

Note: All screenshots are saved on the desktop in .png format.

Moreover, you will also get options to capture recorded video, including the entire screen or a custom section of the screen.

You can choose where you want to save screenshots and use other options to set up a timer and others. An options drop-down menu allows you to choose where to save screen capture mac, set up a timer, and other options.

To take a screenshot of Touch Bar, press Shift+Command+6.

Using these key combination you can take easily take screenshots on Mac.

2. Change the location to save screenshots on Mac

By default, screen capture mac on Mac is saved on the desktop. To change this you’ll need to create a folder. Once done head to Terminal here enter defaults write location. Note there will be a space at the end of the command. Now drag the newly created folder into terminal and press Enter.

Note: This folder cannot be deleted until a new location is given to save screenshots.

3. Enable Dark Mode in iOS 4. Editing photos in Mac

Changes made to the photos in Quick View can be overwritten, undo, saved in a separate document. Moreover, you can share a file using AirDrop and Mail. You can also edit metadata and do a lot more from Quick View.

5. Sign PDFs without printing

6. Split Screen on Mac

7. Find Wi-Fi password of other devices

8. Email huge files Right Backup

Emails aren’t meant for file transfer still we all do it. But the problem occurs when the email provider does not allow sending attachments over a particular size. This means sending large files over email is a no-no.

But when you have Right Backup – cloud backup tool around, this problem can be easily solved. Using this tool you can email big files. What happens is that the file is uploaded on the cloud and then the link of the uploaded file is sent to the recipient via email. In addition to this, since Right Backup is a web-based tool you can access it on any device from anywhere, anytime.

9. Paste text without keeping its formatting

Windows 10 users can use the “Paste Special” option present in the context menu.

10. Partition external hard drives

With these quick tips, you can get the most out of your Mac machine without needing to install any third-party software. If we missed on any tips that you think will help other Mac users do share.

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