Trending September 2023 # Can’t Use Your Revolut Card Online? Try These Solutions # Suggested October 2023 # Top 9 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Can’t Use Your Revolut Card Online? Try These Solutions # Suggested October 2023 # Top 9 Popular

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Can’t use your Revolut card online? Try these solutions




Many users reported that their Revolut card is declined on certain websites and that they cannot bank online.

In order to fix this annoying problem, you should first check your credentials.

Link your Revolut account with other payment services if some websites don’t accept your card.

Also, make sure you try a reliable VPN service to help you get rid of this issue in no time.



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Revolut enjoys a worldwide reputation as one of the most popular banking services among users.

Many people use it for currency exchange and online payments because it has small or no fees for the majority of its services.

But sometimes, certain websites won’t accept Revolut. Despite the fact that the banking service isn’t yet accepted by all merchants, the problem is with those that accept it.

Many Revolut users are getting declined payments or returns of their funds, even though the app works just fine. Let’s see how you can solve this annoying problem below.

What to do if my Revolut card is declined on certain websites?

1. Check your credentials

Make sure that your credential are properly set up. Check your account in the Revolut app and see if the phone number, address, and personal data are correct.

If you changed any of the info recently, verify that the changes were submitted to the Revolut server, and you got a confirmation of the modifications.

Also, make sure that you have sufficient funds, you entered the right card details, or you didn’t exceed your monthly spending limit for the card.

You should also be aware not to disable certain types of transactions in your card security settings.

We also have a detailed list of the best virtual credit card software you can use if you are interested.

2. Link your Revolut account with other payments services

The issue appears because some vendors simply do not accept prepaid cards.

Another reason for this problem is the fact that Revolut doesn’t support MasterCard 3D Secure Code and Verified by VISA.

No matter the account you have, depending on the BIN database the merchant uses, some prepaid cards are seen as not being prepaid while others are not.

To solve the problem you can link your Revolut account with TransferWise Borderless and use their debit card, use your Revolut card through Curve, or link your card with PayPal.

If you want the best credit card reader software for your PC, take a closer look at our handy guide and choose your favorite.

While most merchants accept prepaid cards, some of them only accept debit cards. Your best bet is to link your Revolut card to another payment service like PayPal or Curve.

3. Use a reliable VPN service

A reliable VPN service will always help you get over website blocking issues quickly. On top of that, it also keeps all your personal banking and PC data safe.

We strongly recommend you use one of the best VPN services for Windows 10. Most of them are really easy to use and have a great number of servers across the globe.

VPNs give great connection speeds, whether you’re browsing securely, transacting online on Revolut, or just streaming.

Cybersecurity is always very important, but especially when it comes to online transactions, and this is well known to all users.

That’s why check out our comprehensive guide for the best antivirus software for online banking, and find the proper one for your needs.

Also, leave there any other questions you may have, and we’ll make sure to check them out.

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