Trending September 2023 # Complete Guide On Oracle Primavera In Detail # Suggested October 2023 # Top 16 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Complete Guide On Oracle Primavera In Detail # Suggested October 2023 # Top 16 Popular

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Introduction to Oracle Primavera

Oracle provides project portfolio management software that is nothing but the oracle Primavera. In which we can manage the project, schedule the project, risk analysis, manage the opportunity, resource management, define the collaboration and control capabilities, and it helps us to integrate them with other software such as Oracle ERP system. It is open source, and we can schedule multiple projects simultaneously per our requirements. It provides the security that we can secure multi-user access to the schedule. It is useful to increase the planning efficiency of an organization.

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Why do we need an oracle, Primavera?

It is software to manage a portfolio. With the help of Primavera software, we see the project information, including the proposed planning of the project and the estimated cost of the project, which means we can manage all things related to the project.

It is a cloud-based software application, so processing time is faster than other software.

The main use of oracle Primavera is that it is used to optimize the resource to keep the project on track.

How does Oracle Primavera work?

Now let’s see how oracle Primavera works as follows.

It included different modules, so let’s see them as follows.

1. Portfolio Management

In this module, we can view the detailed structure of a particular project, such as the project pipeline, project budget, how much we spend on a project, and fund allocation requirements. Oracle portfolio is a cloud-based long-range management tool for capital planning and defining the budget across the project portfolios.

2. Schedule Management

Schedule management is the key element of effective project management. In which we can plan the project and we also define the schedule of the project. Another key point of this module is that the project manager effectively manages project milestones, deliverables, and timelines.

3. Resource Management

Oracle Primavera cloud service allows project managers to manage their project’s hierarchy of resources and roles. By using this module, organizations can be selected, or we can say they can manage the roles and resources at the enterprise level and allow project managers to utilize them as per the project’s requirement.

4. Risk Management

It provides the risk management module, in which the organization risk register views and assigns the risk priority. It also has a risk response plan to address project risk.

5. Lean Task Management

It provides a lean cloud task management tool; with the help of this tool or module, we can improve the coordination, planning, and execution of work between planners and supervisors. This tool also helps field workers select the best way to execute their work with minimum efficiency.

6. Cost Management

In this module, the project manager and stockholders manage the budget, analyze the project’s cost, and predict the budget and how we can reduce the ongoing project cost.

7. Scope Management

Using the management module’s scope, we effectively manage the entire scope of work with each project. It allows project managers to schedule and manage all aspects to scope during the project lifecycle, including equipment deployment.

8. File Management Advantages

It is very easy to use as compared to other

It provides a facility to analyze all data in a single location.

It provides better communication when thousands of workers work on the same.

It provides all users access and responsibility within the schedule.

If the project is complex, then it provides breakdown functionality.

With the help of oracle primavera, we can easily prepare and control the project.

The software’s functionality is high and has rich features, so the cost is also rich.

It is difficult for the beginner to handle.

It can customize reports.

Import and export functionality needs more options.

A risk module is required instead of the secondary application.


Now let’s see how oracle Primavera works with the help of different modules. Here we imported a screenshot from the official website of Oracle.

Using Oracle Primavera, we can manage the entire schedule, a key element of project management, as shown in the screenshot below.

Suppose project managers need to manage hierarchical roles of all resources under the resource management module, as shown below screenshot.

The screenshot below shows resource and role analysis at the project level.

Lean task management is useful to improve coordination between the different planners with minimum waste, so below screenshot, we show the oracle Primavera Lean weekly plan as follows.

After that, suppose we need to monitor the weekly plan, that means the performance of planners, the performance of planners we see using the task analysis tab as shown in the screenshot below.

The main module of oracle Primavera is cost management; the below screenshot shows a cost sheet that gives the detailed cost of the ongoing project, such as budget and cost of the project, etc.

Usage of Oracle Primavera

It is used to optimize management resources.

Using Primavera, we can monitor progress and all details for report purposes.

Every project has a time limit, which means we must complete a project within the desired period, so we can manage time using the oracle, Primavera.

It is used for resource management, which means we improve delivery efficiency.

By using oracle Primavera, we avoid delay and cost overruns.

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