Trending September 2023 # How To Download Twitter Videos # Suggested October 2023 # Top 14 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # How To Download Twitter Videos # Suggested October 2023 # Top 14 Popular

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Download Twitter Videos Online

One of the easiest ways to download Twitter videos to your mobile or computer without installing anything is to use the video downloading websites. Paste the video link, and the website will download the video. Follow these steps:

Get the video’s link. To do so on PC, open the tweet with the video you want to download and copy the link in the address bar.

On Twitter apps for Android and iPhone, go to the tweet and tap on the “Share” icon. Choose “Copy link” from the menu.

Note: if you are unable to save videos using this method in your browser on iPhone, try the Documents by Readdle app method mentioned in the iPhone section.

Some other websites to download Twitter videos:

Use Bots to Download Twitter Videos

The automated Twitter accounts, aka Twitter bots, also help download videos. This method works on both mobile and PC.

Download Twitter Videos on Android

Install the

Video Downloader for Twitter

app on your phone and open it. Grant the necessary permissions if asked.

Launch the Twitter app and find the tweet with the video.

Tap on the “Share” icon under the tweet and select “Share via.”

    Look for the “Video Downloader” app and tap on it. Tap on the “Download” button in the app.

      Select the video resolution to start the download process.

      Alternatively, select the “Copy link” button instead of “Share via,” then open the app manually and hit the “Paste” button followed by “Download.”

      More Android apps to download Twitter videos:

      Download Twitter Videos on iPhone

      You can download Twitter videos on iPhone using dedicated video downloader apps, shortcuts, or the Documents app. Let’s take a look at all three methods.

      Using AnySave

      Install the

      AnySave app

      on your iPhone.

      Get the tweet’s link by tapping on the “Share” icon under the video and select “Copy link.”

      Open the AnySave app. The copied link will automatically show up in the app. If not, tap on “Paste from Clipboard.”

      Tap on the “Save” button to start the download. The video will show up in the Photos app.

      Using Shortcuts

      You can also use shortcuts to download Twitter videos directly from the Share Sheet on your iPhone

      Open the Apple Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad.

      Install the Twitter video downloader shortcut from the TVDL app. Tap on “Get Shortcut.”

      When installed, you will find it under the “My Shortcuts” tab in the Shortcuts app.

        Find the tweet you want to save and tap on the “Share” icon under it followed by “Share via.”

          Tap on the “TVDL” shortcut. Grant the necessary permission and select the video resolution. The video should start downloading.

          Note: the video will appear in the Photos app on the date of the tweet and not the day you downloaded it.

          Using Documents by Readdle

          If the above two methods do not work, you can use the popular Documents by Readdle app to download Twitter videos as well. Basically, the video downloader websites start playing the video on an iPhone instead of downloading it. The Documents by Readdle app forces your phone to download the video.

          Install the Documents by Readdle app on your device and open it.

          Tap on the “Browser” icon in the Documents app.

            Open any Twitter video downloader website and paste the tweet’s link. Hit the “Download” button.

              Tap on “Download video” next to the required size, enter the video’s name and hit the “Done” button to begin the download.

                Choose “Save video” from the menu to save it to the Photos app.

                Download Twitter Videos with Chrome Extensions

                Chrome extensions also allow you to download videos from Twitter.

                Video Download Plus Twitter Media Assist How to Download All Twitter Videos from a User Frequently Asked Questions 1. How can I extract audio from a Twitter video?

                There are two ways to extract audio from a Twitter video. The first method involves using Twitter video-to-MP3 convertors like Online Video Converter, offmp3, and f2mp. Paste the tweet link in these websites and select MP3 as the download format.

                In the second method, use an audio extractor tools, like zamzar. You will need to download the Twitter video first and add it to the site to extract the audio. Check out other ways to extract audio from videos and learn how to convert audio to text.

                2. Why can’t I download Twitter videos?

                There could be a couple of reasons you are unable to download videos from Twitter. Firstly, make sure you have copied the correct link. Next, if you are trying to download on a PC, reload the page and try playing the video. Remember to be patient, as videos often take some time to download or even show the “Save as” pop-up.

                Read on to find out how to view Twitter without an account. If you don’t like the default Twitter, check out the best Twitter alternatives.

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