Trending September 2023 # Sap Crm Product Master: Hierarchy, Categories, Set Types &Amp; Attributes # Suggested October 2023 # Top 10 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Sap Crm Product Master: Hierarchy, Categories, Set Types &Amp; Attributes # Suggested October 2023 # Top 10 Popular

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Concept of CRM product master

SAP CRM provides product master for the management of products part of different business processes in your organization

In terms of SAP CRM, Products are goods that are the object of your company’s business activities. Products can be tangible, such as a PC, or intangible, such as services like PC maintenance

SAP CRM Product master can be used to maintain and retrieve all information on the products that your organization purchases or sells

It works same across all processes involved in the three modules of SAP CRM, i.e., sales, service and marketing

The role selected to access the Product master within CRM UI determines the product types that can be maintained by current user

SAP CRM supports up to six different types of product

Following are the SAP standard Product Types:






Out of these product types IP and Financing are industry specific

Example of products:

SAP CRM supports synchronization of ERP material master data with CRM Product master

ERP material master consists of various data and views. Some of these views cannot be processed in CRM. In general, only General data, Basic data and Sales-specific data can be transferred to the CRM system

Also, minimum changes can be made within CRM if product data is transferred from ERP to CRM

SAP CRM provides functionality to maintain relationship between products. For example, for an available product we can have service parts, accessories or services, etc. These relationships can used in the Product Proposal functionality

Following are examples of available relationship types that can be maintained in the CRM system:



Service Parts



SAP CRM also provides functionality to maintain a product as configurable

In this case, the product contains variants (can considered as variables) which can hold the value assigned during the product configuration. For example, for an product “Monitor”, we can have a variant for “Screen Size” where we can assign value for the size of screen during the product configuration

Customizing settings related to the product configuration are maintained in the SPRO settings

The product configuration application in SAP CRM has a Java based front-end. This application is called as Internet Pricing and Configurator. It is also involved in configuring the pricing for the products in the SAP CRM system

SAP CRM provides functionality to link this IPC Application with the product master. Thus, for a configurable product, we can call IPC Application from the CRM Web UI

Product Master can also be maintained with SAP GUI using following transactions:

COMMPR01 – Product Master

COMM_HIERARCHY – To maintain hierarchies and categories

COMM_SETTYPE – To maintainSet Types and Attributes

Hierarchies, Categories, Set Types and Attributes

SAP CRM enables structuring of Products with the help of Categories and Hierarchies maintained as part of the SAP CRM Product Master

There are 3 main predefined Hierarchies in SAP CRM system




Custom Hierarchies can also be created within SAP CRM as per the requirements in the business scenario. Similarly, we can create custom Categories for the Product Master

Categories can be arranged in a tree form such that one category contains other categories

In order to maintain properties, Set Types are used within the Categories

In the Category tree, one Category inherits the Set Types from higher level categories

Set Type can be assigned more than one category within a Hierarchy but only within the same Hierarchy. That is, Set Types cannot be assigned to different Product Hierarchies

Thus, within SAP CRM arrangement or collection of the Set Types are created to maintain specific data related to Products. Along with this, we can also maintain relationship types within the Categories

SAP delivers standard Set Types for data necessary for the business transactions

Also, it is possible to create custom Set Types as per the requirement in a business scenario. These Set Types are assigned attributes which actually store the value

Following constitute definition of an attribute:

Attribute Type

Attribute Length

Range Value

Thus a Set Type is a collection of attributes and can be assigned in the product master to a category and hierarchy.

It is not possible to change the description of a Set Type that is assigned to a Product Category. Also, CRM system does not allow to delete the Set Types that are assigned to Product Category. A category or hierarchy contains properties represented by the collection of Set Types assigned to it and inherited from the higher levels. For example following is an example of categories and set types:

Product Hierarchy, Category and Set Types

In this, highest level category is maintained as “High Tech” and “Set 1” is assigned as a Set Type

Next level categories will inherit this Set Type (Set 1) and can also have its own Set Types assigned for additional data

Products can be assigned to any of these Categories. Products assigned to a Category get attributes from the available Set Types, i.e. Set Types of current Category and its higher level categories

Thus in abovefigure , following will be the Set Types available for Product “Standard PC”:

Set 1

Set 3

Set 5

Products in Web UI

Product Master in SAP CRM is integrated with the CRM Web UI. Thus, depending upon the role used to log in to the CRM application a user can perform creation, modification and deletion for Product Master within CRM Web UI

Following figure shows the Search page for the Products

In the Product Details assignment block we can see the general data maintained for the Product

Mainly this includes:

the base unit of the product

status of the Product

Base Category

Checkbox which indicates if the product is configurable

There is a separate assignment block to maintain the categories relevant for the product:

Also there are generic assignment blocks like attachment available for product

Assignment Blocks in the Product Overview Page

We can also maintain categories and hierarchies within the CRM Web UI:

Hierarchy Details:

In this assignment block header detail related to the hierarchy is maintained


Categories assigned to the Hierarchy can be seen in this Assignment Block

This is maintained in a tree structure as we have seen in the previous section

For each type assigned we can define the Product Type

Also we can maintain Object Family for each category

An object is a globally unique object that an organization can sell or provides services for

It can be tangible or intangible object

Object family is another criteria to group product

Assigned Set Types:

In this assignment block, Set Types can be assigned

Set Types from the above level category are inherited automatically

Inherited Set Types are disabled in this assignment block

Product Hierarchy with Categories and Set Types assigned

For selected Category for example “Desktop” in above screenshot, there are further assignment blocks in the Hierarchy Overview page as shown below Also we can maintain Relationship Types for the selected Category:

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