Trending September 2023 # Top Best Books On Java For Beginners And Advanced (2023) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 10 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Top Best Books On Java For Beginners And Advanced (2023) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 10 Popular

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Best Books to Learn Java

Java is one of the most popular programming languages, making its presence felt for a few decades. A career in Java promises lucrative outputs in terms of perks and hikes. This list of books will help you become a Java expert by strengthening your bases. Readers can learn programming skills and rules that will allow them to manage Java effortlessly.

Here, we have picked the top 10 of the most effective Java Books for those who want to shape their career as a Java Developer.

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In detail, let’s go through the essential highlights for each of these books.

Book #1 Java For Dummies

Author: Barry Burd

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This book contains materials that will cater mostly to those new to Java programming language. Simplicity in language makes this book even more approachable for rookies. This book covers all the bases required to understand Java and create programs in this language. It is a handy book that can help guide novices towards the world of Java and educate them with different easy ways to learn and master this language.

Key Points:

This book offers a detailed explanation of the programming paradigm using objects, methods, and classes.

It explores the concept of Functional Programming with examples.

It covers Java 17 and its newly-released features. The book also explains the SWITCH Statement with examples.

The author provides detailed program flow concepts and procedures.

Book #2 Head First Java

Author: Kathy Sierra

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Review: Key Points:

This edition comes with all the significant updates in Java.

It is a visually appealing book that will engage the readers and is easy to understand for beginners and intermediate programmers.

Puzzles and brainstormers make this book more interesting.

Book #3 Programming with Java

Author: E. Balaguruswamy


One of the most popular books ever written on Java, this edition comes with all the latest updates. In this new edition, you will have chapters on Graphic Programming using SWING and AWT, Java concepts on Java Servlets, and concise discussion on JDBC, Lambda Expression, Java Beans, and other Core Java areas. This new version includes some industry-specific Java projects: Simple Web Crawler and Live Cricket Score Application.

Key Points:

The book is highly descriptive and concise.

It introduces new Java technologies like Java Beans, Lambda, and Servlets.

It comes with detailed explanatory notes and hundreds of programming examples.

It contains an exclusive, live Cricket Score Project with proper explanation.

Book #4 Java: A Beginner’s Guide

Author: Herbert Schildt

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Review: Key Points:

It has incredibly well-explained chapters.

The book covers all the latest features of Java SE 17.

It contains numerous code samples, exercises, and self-aptitude tests.

Its author is a bestselling author and a leading Java authority.

Book #5 Modern Java in Action

Authors: Raoul-Gabriel Urma, Mario Fusco, and Alan Mycroft

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It is a robust book covering all the topics and new features introduced in Java 8. This book extensively highlights the newest features like Java Module System, Streaming data, reactive architectures, Lambdas, and microservices.

Key Points:

The book discusses topics in detail with examples of Java Module System and Streams API.

It also explores the Reactive Programming topic.

It covers problems and projects on Parallel Data Processing also.

The author explains all the chapters with great precision.

Book #6 Java Programming Fundamentals

Author: Premchand S. Nair

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This book’s writing is simple, encouraging beginners to learn Java programming without worrying. With plenty of examples, this book is highly effective in developing Object-Oriented Programming concepts and building a solid base for Java.

Key Points:

The book covers all the necessary pitfalls of the Java programming language.

It encourages fair programming procedures and explains features with industry-level examples.

It comes with various aptitude tests, skill test assignments, and programming exercises.

It also includes different case studies for a better understanding of the concept.

Book #7 Data Structures & Algorithms in Java

Authors: Goodrich, Tamassia, and Goldwasser

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It is an essential book on Java, primarily catering to those who want to delve deeper into this area of programming using Data Structures. The book has a concrete way of explaining data structures and algorithms in Java using real-time programming.

Key Points:

In this book, every ADT comes with a suitable Java Interface.

It comes with a vast library featuring algorithms and data structures for easy reference

It also explains data structures and algorithms using relevant examples.

Book #8 Hands-On Software Architecture with Java

Author: Giuseppe Bonocore

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Review: Key Points:

The book has a detailed analysis of the latest software architectures based on Java.

It uses simple language and a definite pattern.

It helps develop production-level java applications.

It also covers the CD/CI pipeline topics.

Book #9 Getting Inside Java – Beginners Guide

Author: Prem Kumar

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Getting Inside Java is a well-crafted book by Prem Kumar. This book caters to those planning to learn Java and those who are into Java Programming but have not yet mastered it. This book will make learning the Java program much simpler and well-structured.

Key Points:

The book introduces the concept of OOPs in detail.

It provides easy and detailed programs with structural definitions.

The author uses simplified language for beginners to understand.

Book #10 Java 8 Programming Black Book

Author: D.T. Editorial Services

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A book very well–written on Java 8, this Black Book features hundreds of Java Programming examples for the readers to understand and learn. This book covers different Java 8 topics, from New Applets to JDBC, Java Beans, and much more.

Key Points:

This book provides compact and concise information for Java Developers.

It covers every aspect of Java Programming with minute details and examples.

It contains hundreds of programming codes for readers to understand.

The author has also given many well-explanatory references.

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