Trending September 2023 # Types Of Templates For Websites # Suggested October 2023 # Top 12 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Types Of Templates For Websites # Suggested October 2023 # Top 12 Popular

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Definition of Joomla Templates

Basically, the template is nothing but the type of Joomla that helps us to change the look of our site; in another way, we can say that it provides the extension to change the look of the site. Normally there are two types of templates that are provided by Joomla, front-end templates and back-end templates. By using front-end templates, we change the presentation of the site or we can say the look of the site. On the other hand, the back-end template is used to manage the database as per our requirement; the back-end template is rarely used as compared to the front-end templates.

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There are two types of Joomla templates as follows.

1. Frontend Templates

Frontend formats meaningfully alter the manner in which your site hopes to average clients.  The most important part of Joomla templates is the front-end template and Joomla 3.x provides the best two front-end templates such as ProStar and Beex3. These are all templates we can use for simple websites as per our requirement, but Joomla provides the option to the user for third-party installation.  In the front-end ProStar, we can set it as default as per our requirement.

2. Backend Templates

Basically backend templates we never change as compared to the front-end template, normally backend templates help us to make the changes in administrator as per user requirement. The Joomla 3.x provides isis and Hathor backend templates to the users. Here isis we can set as default template and Hathor is optional.

Joomla Templates Collection

Now let’s see a collection of templates. Joomla provides many more free templates to the user, let’s see them one by one as follows.

a. Artion

The artion is totally based on the Joomla templates and it is designed for NFT and portfolio-based websites as well as it is best for craftsmen, artists, photographers, and many more people who have an interest in artion. It has a perfect plan, is completely adjustable, and is designed for proficient craftsmen who need to exhibit their work in the most ideal manner. The sample artion is shown in the below screenshot.

b. Travelin

This is another type of Joomla template, Travelin is a flawlessly created, present-day Joomla Template that meets up with each component expected to make a cutting-edge travel business site. The layout is completely responsive, with a shocking eye-infectious look fantastic for organizations and offices connected with movement, reservations, excursions, experiences, or journeys. The sample travelin is shown in the below screenshot.

c. Delacroy

d. Nuron

All the above screenshots we take from the official site of JoomShaper as well as it also provides many more templates to the user.

Best Joomla Templates

Now let’s see what the best Joomla templates are as follows.

Basically, Joomla provides templates for different areas such as business, e-commerce, health, education, real estate, technology, and many more other areas.

Now let’s see some best templates one by one as follows.

1. Cafe and Restaurant

Restora is a delectably planned Joomla eatery layout that worked for a wide range of cafés and food-related organizations to rapidly send off a site. It may be utilized for food bars, bistros, bread shops, bars, cafeterias, pizza Joints, flapjack houses, veggie lovers, or family café locales. Restora offers an appealing and heavenly food show to accomplish the greatest transformation rate.

2. Property Management

Home is a finished and prepared answer for any sort of land, improvements, residentials, and investment properties. This Joomla land layout can be utilized for get-away rental, land posting, and condo rental pages too.

3. Construction

Decora is the layout in dull varieties for any engineer or plan studio wanting to begin or revive an authority site. It is the ideal answer for presenting a wide range of inside and outside plan thoughts, design tasks, and everything connected with imagination.

4. Technology

This template is used to build web pages that are based on different technologies.

5. Music and band

Rhythm is a flexible music band Joomla format that is ensured to adjust wonderfully to your melodic taste. An extraordinary blend of brilliant elements with imagination pursues the ideal layout decision for vocalists, performers, music groups, and anybody engaged with the music business.

It also provides many best templates.


With the help of the above article, we have learned about Joomla templates and the different templates used, a basic idea and the features and best templates of Joomla.

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